RW Jack Giragosian’s last Official Visit to MVL

WM diploma

At his Official Visit to Mystic Valley Lodge, RW Jack Giragosian presented Wor. Privitera with his Master’s Diploma and Past Master’s apron. Wor. Privitera returned the honor by presenting RW Jack with Phil’s own Master’s Ring.masters ring

Wor. Stanley Locke and Bro. Ted Wilson honored as Model Masons on Veteran’s Day 2014

MVL Nov 11, 2014 Veterans Day -- Model Masons Award LtoR Ted Wilson-WM Privitera-Stanley Locke

Wor. Philip Privitera honored Organist Wor. Stanley Locke, and Treasurer Bro. Ted Wilson as Model Masons at our regular communication on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2015.

Traveling man

Pequoisette Nov 13,  2014 DD Jack Giragosians last Official 3

November 13, 2014: Arlington’s Mystic Valley Lodge Worshipful Master Phil Privitera traveled to Pequoisette Lodge in Watertown for Jack Giragosian’s final Official Visit as the District Deputy.  Privitera holds a Larger-than-Life Past Master’s pin presented to him by Giragosian, as Pequoisette Brothers stand by in support.

Post Cards from the Past



Brothers Darwin Keith-Lucas, Roy Baker, Frank Foster, Mike Carey & Alan Jones had some fun putting a couple more coats of urethane on the dining hall floor last weekend. Looks great, guys!IMG_0857

floor team


Stan Locke and Billy Burke honored as Model Masons, June 2014

billy and stanley

Wor. Stanley Locke and Bro. William Burke were recognized as this month’s Model Masons by R.W. Jack Giragosian and Wor. Phil Privitera. Stanley and Billy were both raised in the spring class of 1958, and are 56-year veterans.

2014 Officers’ Gala

July 10, 2014, Mystic Valley Lodge introduced the new line of officers to friends, family & guests. Fun, food, and mariachi!

Memorial Day 2014 at the Prince Hall Cemetery

On DSC00173Memorial Day 2014, Mystic Valley Lodge welcomed the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to Arlington. The Prince Hall Grand Lodge celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Prince Hall Cemetery on Gardner Street in East Arlington. The Cemetery is a small plot of land that was sold to the Prince Hall Grand Master William Kendall in 1856. Kendall then deeded the land to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge in a perpetual trust in 1864, to be used as a Masonic Burial Ground for those in need of such purpose.

On behalf of Arlington’s Mystic Valley Lodge, Wor. Master Philip J. Privitera presented a plaque to the Prince Hall Grand Master Compton Jones in appreciation of Prince Hall’s selfless contributions to the Prince Hall Cemetery and to the Arlington community. In its 150 year history, the abandoned cemetery almost fell prey to developers. Through the dedication of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, in conjunction with the Town of Arlington and the Arlington Historical Society, the cemetery was saved and renovated. Today, the Prince Hall Mystic Arlington Cemetery Association manages the grounds.

DSC00179rince Hall members, members of its Concordant Bodies and general supporters come from all over Massachusetts, as well as, the country for this Annual Celebration. Brother Dennis Lloyd, for example, whose ancestor was one of the first persons buried in the Cemetery, traveled all the way from Atlanta for the Rededication (unfortunately he had to return to Atlanta early due to personal business).

The Prince Hall Cemetery was dedicated on October 13, 1864. The cemetery’s sesquicentennial will be celebrated in the fall of 2014.


Square & Compasses Day Spring 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014, Mystic Valley Lodge opened its doors for the annual open house. Guests were invited to explore historic artifacts from Mystic Valley’s past. See the full post for a video of the event.

Jon Hindmarsh and Alex Patterson, Model Masons of May 2014

jon and alex

Bro. Jon Hindmarsh and Bro. Alex Patterson were recognized as the Model Masons of May, 2014 by Wor. Phil Privitera.